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What are the warrantee for Recro remanufactured gearboxes?

Most automatic gearbox models have a warrantee of 2 years or 100 000 km. Variator (CVT) type and DSG-type gearboxes as well as some models which in our experience are less technically reliable have a shorter warrantee period of 1 year or 50 000 km. All types of commercial transport boxes also have guarantee restrictions. Guarantees do not apply to vehicles with capacity increased significantly beyond factory settings. The warrantee may also be invalidated if the box oil cooling radiator is not changed when the restored box is installed. For a full description of warrantee terms, see the Warrantees section on our web site.

How can I get a quote for an automatic gearbox remanufacturing and distribution?
There are several ways you can get a quote for repairs. You can contact one of our partners listed in the Contacts section on our website or fill out a request form on our website. Or call or email our customer support specialists and ask about repair costs.
Do you offer automatic gearbox on exchange?
Such option is possible if we have the specific model in our warehouse. To find out if your model is available, fill out the request form on our website or email [email protected]. You must indicate the chassis number(VIN) in the request.
How quickly will I receive my remanufactured gearbox and how long does it take?
If the required gearbox is in our warehouse, you can get it within a few days depending on the time for transportation to your designated delivery address (3-5 workdays). If you send the gearbox or vehicle to us for repairs, please consider 4-10 workdays for the repairs depending on the gearbox model. Transportation time is not included in this repair period. For some unpopular models, there may be extra time required to deliver necessary parts. For more precise information about job completion times, please contact our customer service specialists (in the Contacts section on our website) or email [email protected]
What is the procedure for buying a gearbox on exchange basis?
When we sell a remanufactured gearbox on an exchange basis the old unit must be returned. Please be aware that we charge deposit fee for all exchange units. After we receive the broken gearbox, we assess it, and if the received gearbox complies with all the exchange terms (the exchange terms are set out), the deposit is returned within a few days. The exchange unit must be returned in exactly the same composition as the unit was received from Recro. The gearbobox model and code must be identical. The oil must be drained and it must be in the same packaging in which we sent the finished product. The exchange unit must be returned within 14 days of receiving the remanufactured product. If the exchange gearbox does not meet our exchange terms, the deposit may be withheld or refunded partially.

How can I pay for your services?

You can pay for our services by bank transfer or payment card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro) if the payment is made on site at RECRO (in Riga or Cēsis). Payment shall be made at the time of receiving your vehicle (after completion of work), or before the gearbox is despatched if the gearbox is remanufactured without the vehicle. In specific cases for non-standard repairs, you may be asked to pay in advance for spare parts. For EU legal entities (with valid VAT numbers), invoices are issued without VAT in accordance with Council Directive 2006/112/EC on the common system of value added tax if payment for the service is made by bank transfer or a payment card belonging to the firm.

Does the remanufactured gearbox come with oil?

All our remanufactured gearboxes are delivered with transmission oil meeting OEM requirements. Depending on the model’s specifications, the oil may be partially filled or to the required level. An additional 2 litres are always provided to fill up to the required level if necessary.  

Is it possible to perform partial repairs by changing damaged parts? 

In rare cases, if the box has low mileage a problem may be fixed at a relatively lower costs. But in most cases, such repairs are not economical and do not guarantee long-term operation of the gearbox.

Why do I need to change an oil cooler after gearbox installation instead of flushing it? 

One of the most important points to pay attention during the installation of automatic transmission is its cooling system. Often its significance is underestimated. It is practically impossible to remove all wear debris and metal chips got into cooling system by blowing through the cooling system with compressed air or by flushing it with a flushing machine n case of heavy contamination.

If the presence of coolant (antifreeze) is not detected in the transmission and the defect of transmission is not associated with severe contamination, amount of wear debris or chips in oil, for individual cases and models the original cooler can be continued to be used. In such cases, the flushing of the cooler and entire cooling system needs to be flushed with a special washing machine that performs washing at a temperature of 90-100 C0. What you make gearbox repairs at Recro we will inform you about gearbox condition and necessity for cooler change