Starting from April of this year, Recro, in cooperation with the German lubricant manufacturer Fuchs, offers to customers to change the coolant (antifreeze) by flushing the cooler system.

The engine coolant, also known as antifreeze, is a heat transfer fluid designed to remove excessive heat from your engine as well as from the automatic transmission. Manufacturers of the coolant estimate certain liquid replacement periods, usually at 2-5 years, which should not be ignored. Coolant additives deplete over time, resulting in corrosion of the cooling system, which can cause overheating of the engine and automatic transmission, system clogging, damage of pump, thermostat, hoses, radiators and other components. Overheating of the automatic transmission as well as corrosion of the cooling system, can lead to the coolant leakage into transmission, which is a very common problem and is ending with an expensive automatic transmission repair. To carry out a good coolant change and cleaning of all the contaminants completely, the cooling system also needs a proper flushing process. Such efficient coolant change can only be done by using a modern coolant exchange machine that ensures a high system temperature and pressure during the flushing process and guarantees the best results. We have chosen the lubricant manufacturer Fuchs as our supplier, because the coolants produced by Fuchs are not only in compliance with the requirements of the leading car manufacturers, but also OEM approbated and certified, guaranteeing 100% quality.

It is possible to carry out the flushing and replacement of the coolant both at Cesis and at our Riga branch on Markalnes Street 10.

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